Frequently Asked Questions

Shifter is an online platform that connects truck drivers and customers. Once you make a booking at, our customer support will callback to confirm your booking. You will receive the driver/vehicle details on your registered phone number at least 2 hours before the booking time. Give us a call at +91-8861244288 in case you face any issue.
Our pricing is based on the distance travelled and the waiting time during the trip. Waiting time includes loading/unloading time and any other time during which the truck is not moving. Distance and time is calculated from your location to the drop point.
Once the trip completes, the driver will stop the trip on the Shifter Mobile Application, post which you will receive the fare on your mobile phone along with the payment link. You can click on the payment link to see the fare details with the option to pay online. You can either pay cash to the driver or use the payment link to pay online.
You can visit Book to estimate your trip cost (Enter pickup and drop point along with the labour details, if any). Please note that the estimate depends on the distance shown on the google maps and may vary depending on the actual route of the trip. Also, the estimate takes 30 minutes as waiting time. If the waiting time, i.e. loading and unloading time is more than 30 mins, it will be charged at Rs. 3/min.
Some drivers are willing to work as labour while some are not. If you book one labour, we will either send one labour in addition to the driver (in case driver does not work as labour) or we will send a driver who is willing to work as labour. Please do not assume the driver will be working as labour. Driver as a labour is also charged as per the pricing listed.
No, we do not provide packing services/materials as of now. However, if you have booked labour, they will assist you in dismantling the bed depending on the availability of tools. If you have a bed which needs to be dismantled, let us know in advance.It is preferred that you arrange the tools for the same because we might not have the tools for dismantling a non-standard screw.

How it Works?